Steve Mallard is the lead of the Information Technology and Infrastruture Management program.   
with 30 years in Information Technology as an instructor and private security consultant for Business, Industry and Government organizations.

Mallard advises the TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security on cyber issues and teaches law enforcement and other personnel cyber security for law enforcement and public service personnel.

Mallard has not only partnered with the TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security,  but also became a member of MS-ISAC and the Homeland Security Information Network in 2017.

Mallard also serves on the Tennessee Department of Education CTE Advisory Committee and helped to develop the security curriculum for high schools and CTE programs state-wide.

2004 Harold Love Award
2005 Computer Forensics Award - TTC Shining Star 
2011 Computerworld Laureate  
2012 Techtarget Leadership Award 
2012 TCAT Shining Star - Learning Management System 
2014 CTE Excellence in Action 
2015 White House "Celebrating Innovations in Career and Technical Education" 
2015 US Department of Education Office of Career Education (OCTAE) 
“Recognized for excellence, dedication, and leadership in Career Technical Education” 
2015 Testify for Broadband TN - TACIR - TNECD
2016 “State Leadership Playbook” – NRCCTE 
2016 State of TN CTE Information Technology Advisory Council
2016 The National Academies of Science-Engineering and Medicine 
         Strengthening the Disaster Resilience of Academic Research Communities 
2016 Recognized by TN State Governor’s Office and  
TN Department of Homeland Security 
2016 EdTech “Top 50 Educational Blogs” 
2017 TN Department of Education Advisory Committee for CTE and Information Technology 
2017 Six citations in NRCCTE’s Research Paper 
2017 Whitepaper with the National Academies of Science-Engineering and Medicine

2017 National Academies of Science-Engineering and Medicine Publication citation
         "Strengthening the Disaster Resilience of the Academic Biomedical Research Community: Protecting the Nation’s Investment"

2017 SC Award Nominee 2018
Steve Mallard 
Certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, CSA+, Microsoft,CEH
Security Officer
Years Experience:30