The Cyber Security and Information Technology Department at TCAT Shelbyville

Cyber Security Center 

The Cyber Security Center courses at TCAT Shelbyville will give you a foundation of skills and hands-on experience needed to succeed.   The Cyber Security Center is part of the Information Technology and Infrastructure Management Course.
The goal of the Cyber Security Center is for TCATs programs to proactively increase the understanding of robust Information Assurance and Cyber Defense technology, policy and practices that will enable our nation to effectively prevent and respond to a catastrophic cyber event. The Cyber Security Center has been used to train law enforcement, government, businesses, industries and the general public. The ITIM program will contribute significantly to the advancement of state-of-the-art IA/CD knowledge and practice. 
 Diplomas and Certificates offered by the ITIM program.
Click here to see Diplomas and Certificates offered at TCAT Shelbyville for Cyber Security and Information Technology - Courses and Program Details
Information Technology and Infrastructure Management Program 

This program is designed to consist of a combination of job simulated and live projects providing the student with real "hands-on" learning experiences. Students will be provided with a first-hand knowledge of the software, hardware, and operation of computers, network devices, wireless and other advanced technology used in industry today. This may include building, repairing, troubleshooting, installing, networking and servicing computers, network devices, firewalls, mobile devices and other advanced IT/IS devices. The instruction also includes an introduction to information management, cybersecurity, workstations, servers, network infrastructure, and other advanced technology including a thorough education in information technology and information systems. Instruction continues with networking, security, communications, multiple operating systems, and culminates with system and network analysis, diagnosis, and advanced troubleshooting.

The success of the program can be seen by placement rates and retention rates.  Since 1999, the program has
gone through changes that have stayed current with technology trends.

News - TCAT Shelbyville once again asked to speak and operate the CtF program at the 2018 Cyber Conference at MTSU.  Details soon.
             TCAT Shelbyville named finalist for SC Magazine's SC Awards - Press Release

Information Technology and Infrastructure Management Competency and Award Levels 

Note: While this is a general overview of the topics in each course, a detailed curriculum is available that covers topics, objectives and outcomes in more detail.  
2005 Computer Forensics Award - TTC Shining Star 
2011 Computerworld Laureate  
2012 Techtarget Leadership Award 
2012 TCAT Shining Star - Learning Management System 
2014 CTE Excellence in Action 
2015 White House "Celebrating Innovations in Career and Technical Education" 
2015 US Department of Education Office of Career Education (OCTAE) 
“Recognized for excellence, dedication, and leadership in Career Technical Education” 
2015 Testify for Broadband TN - TACIR - TNECD
2016 “State Leadership Playbook” – NRCCTE 
2016 State of TN CTE Information Technology Advisory Council
2016 The National Academies of Science-Engineering and Medicine 
         Strengthening the Disaster Resilience of Academic Research Communities 
2016 Recognized by TN State Governor’s Office and  
TN Department of Homeland Security 
2016 EdTech “Top 50 Educational Blogs” 
2017 TN Department of Education Advisory Committee for CTE and Information Technology 
2017 Six citations in NRCCTE’s Research Paper 
2017 Whitepaper with the National Academies of Science-Engineering and Medicine

2017 National Academies of Science-Engineering and Medicine Publication citation
         "Strengthening the Disaster Resilience of the Academic Biomedical Research Community:
             Protecting the Nation’s Investment"

2017 SC Award Nominee 2018

Instructor/Teacher Information

Instructor Substitute
Network Admin/Asst. Security Officer

2017 Cyber Conference (Memphis, TN)  Flyer and Information
This successful conference featured speakers such as Jason E. Street, Betsy Woudenberg, TN Attorney General, State Auditors, Steve Mallard and more.

TCAT Shelbyville Blog Named in Top 50 Educational Blogs

(L-R) James Cotter, TN DHS,  Steve Mallard, Master Instructor, Ronald Hughes, DHS


The Senior CIT Students and IT Department at TCAT Shelbyville were presented letters from David Purkey, Assistant Commissioner/ Homeland Security Advisor for their participation in the 2016 Cyber Security Conference. James Cotter, Cyber Intelligence Agent and Ronald Hughes, DHS presented the awards. TCAT CIT students helped to setup, judge and advise IT Security Professionals during the event. 
Steve Mallard, Sr. Master instructor was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Governor Bill Haslam for his participation and coordination as a partner with the Department of Homeland Security and the 2016 Cyber Security Summit. 
Sr. Students receiving a letter from the Department of Homeland Security- 
Percy L. Jenkins III 
Dustin Floyd 
Joshua Berry 
Frank Watkins 
James Christensen 
Jake Nelson 
Timothy Singer 
Shantaysia Curry 
Cory Flippo 
Evan Pilkington 
Kam Anderson 
Thaddeus Walker 
Eli Therrien 
Eli Basurto  
Daryl Graham 
Shaun Moats 
Chucky Merlo 
Cam Richardson 

Faculty and Staff receiving a letter from the Department of Homeland Security- 
Dawn Babian, Asst. IT Manager, Security and Network Admin  
Mike Miller, Asst. IT Manager, CIT Instructor  
Jan Jones, PC Support 
Letter from Governor  
Steve Mallard, Sr. Master Instructor, IT Systems Administrator/Security

Notice from the top: TCAT-S program honored at White House

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Cyber Security Month
    October - Champion
Mid TN Cyber Summit
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Coming Soon -May 2018
Middle TN Cyber Summit

ITIM "Don't get scammed at Christmas"
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ITIM has guest speaker Jim Sorrell from TBR
ITIM particpates with Rutherford County Chamber and BoE to support CTE in Rutherford County
ITIM helps to organize, speak and participate in West TN Cyber Summit with TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security
ITIM trains CIT program at ATEA conference 
ITIM trains AOT program at ATEA conference
ITIM provides cyber security at ATEA conference
ITIM trains TN Dept of Safety and Homeland Security at
(Big Sandy/Paris Landing)
ITIM mentors HS students in Information Technology

Archived News

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

TCAT Shelbyville listed as Cyber Security Awareness Champion

Security Checkup

Steve Mallard , Lead Instructor 
Certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, CSA+, Microsoft,CEH
Security Officer
Years Experience: 30
Mike Miller 
Certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, Server+, Microsoft
Years Experience: 19

Walter McCord
Certifications:  CWTS, Security+, Microsoft
Years Experience: 30

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National Academies Book

National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine PowerPoint

Motlow Career Day

Cyber Summit
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Educating Tomorrow's IT Professional Cyber Summit

Tracking the Intruder

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April 2018
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Middle TN Cyber Summit
Participate in Judging or CtF - May 2018
Dawn Babian 
Certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, Microsoft, GIAC
Years Experience: 18
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Mallard (far right) and Steve Dyer of CSA present IT professionals with CtF trophies and medals during the 2016 Middle TN Cyber Security Conference